Back to Basics

I have a knack for most things technology. It can be a blessing and a curse. With most things, I can do, but I have a difficult time in teaching and guiding.

Now that it is 2015, one of my challenges is find an outlet to the get the “why and how I do things” out of my head and in to a format where I can assemble and refine the things I do in to a platform where I can teach and guide.

This path will likely drive through many of the challenges people and companies struggle with in the digital world: producing content, getting found, design, social media, sales and the like.

Writing is hard for me. I’m at my best “doing,” but if I have an audience or platform in front of me, I can “show” pretty effectively. But choosing this outlet is way for me to improve on my weaknesses.

If you don’t know me, I’m active on Twitter at @shartley. This domain used to be used exclusively for promoting myself via my Linked In profile, but now that I’ve started writing, you can still get the professional goods on me via LinkedIn at Shawn Hartley.

I have blogged elsewhere in the past. Google me, most of the search top search results are mine.

Thanks for stopping by.